Providing health care to the population through the mining hospitals

Somaïr hospital. Arlit. Niger

The group implements its health policy through an organization and programs designed to monitor and improve the health of the local population. It also promotes public health initiatives in Niger. AREVA provides two hospitals with modern equipment for employees, their families and the local population at the SOMAÏR and COMINAK sites.

Free health care for employees and their families

SOMAIR and COMINAK provide free health care to anyone who requires it, whether he/she is a group employee, a relative, or someone with no connection to AREVA.

The two hospitals located in Arlit and Akokan have an annual budget of 3.5 million euros and a capacity of 151 beds. They offer most basic medical services, including surgery, maternity care, dental care, ENT and ophthalmology. They are fully equipped for biological, X-ray, ultrasound and endoscopic testing.

Furthermore, the COMINAK laboratory is able to carry out more detailed medical analyses, including full blood counts, biochemical tests, tumor marker analyses, and thyroid hormone tests.

SOMAIR and COMINAK employees and their families account for two-thirds of the operating costs of the two hospitals, but less than half of the medical procedures that are carried out.

Improving health care services for local population

These establishments are freely accessible to the entire population of the region. The care provided to this population represents one-third of the care dispensed, but over 50% of major medical procedures and major surgeries.

In 2009, the cost of this care at the Arlit and Akokan hospitals was 1.7 million euros, representing 38 % of total expenses.

Annual report 2012 of the Health Observatories of Niger

AREVA is also a stakeholder in a public-private imitative to fight HIV and AIDS. Imouraren, the group’s new company in Niger, has recently opened a medical center that provides free health care to local communities. In 2010, approximately 3,000 consultations were carried out, of which 40% were for members of the local population.

AREVA’s public health actions in Niger
Cominak hospital. Akouta. Niger. Africa

As the country’s leading private-sector employer, AREVA has been committed to ensuring the best possible health conditions for its employees since it began operations in Niger.

Health: AREVA’s programs in Niger
Somaïr hospital. Arlit. Niger

AREVA demonstrates solidarity with the Nigerien people by providing first-class health care services to local populations as well as emergency aid.