Health: giving everyone access to care

Somaïr hospital. Arlit. Niger

A partner of Niger for half a century, AREVA has always shown solidarity with the country’s people, both in the Arlit region where its operations are based and on a national level, as shown by recent emergency aid efforts to fight famine and flooding.

AREVA is also committed to providing quality health care to local populations. Mining hospitals in Arlit and Akokan are open to the inhabitants of the region and the rest of the country. In 2009, these 2 hospitals spent 1.14 million euros on health care for the population.


Biologie sans frontière

Working with Biology Without Borders, the AREVA Foundation is providing support for the purchase of medical equipment for the Niamey hospital.

Education: AREVA’s programs in Niger
AREVA foundation supports the renovation of the Arlit and Akokan middle schools : AREVA provides funding to improve working conditions at shool. Arlit, Akokan, Niger.

In Niger, AREVA supports education in the Arlit region, with projects to build, refurbish and equip schools.

AREVA group
AREVA's headquarters in Paris, France

By developing the synergies between AREVA’s carbon-free offers, the group’s 44,000 employees help supply as many people as possible with safer, cleaner and more economical energy.