Support for flood victims in 2009

Humanitarian action in Niger

Humanitarian action in Niger

In September 2009, Niger was struck by torrential rains, notably in the Agadez region. The group offered its assistance to affected populations.

Exceptional action plan for Niger’s Agadez region

Several municipalities in the Agadez region of northern Niger were affected, leaving 3 dead, 79,000 people impacted, and major material damages.

To support the victims, AREVA implemented an exceptional action plan, in compliance with Nigerien authorities.

The group provided emergency assistance in the form of 60 metric tons of vital supplies. A complementary aid program was launched in partnership with regional authorities and onsite charitable organizations for all affected areas.

It included:

  • rebuilding roads and dykes destroyed by the storms,
  • providing tents for the homeless,
  • dredging irrigation wells buried by the floods,
  • extending water supply points to welcome sites for flood victims.
Corporate responsibility
Environmental monitoring: freshwater sampling. Village near Cominak. Akouta. Niger. Africa

During 40 years of operations in Niger, AREVA has created a sustainable partnership with the country in the areas of industry, environmental protection, health and social welfare.