Fight against famine in 2005

Child in an impoverished area of Niger

Distributing several metric tons of food to fight famine

When Niger was struck by famine following a drought and locust plague in 2005, AREVA teamed up with Réunir, a French NGO that is active in the country. The group's support focused primarily on the distribution of several metric tons of food and emergency aid.

Chartering two planes for food aid

Chartering two planes for food aid

Following a drought and locust plague, Niger faced a famine that affected nearly 2.5 million people, including 800,000 children, according to estimates from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

In keeping with its policy of partnering with NGOs that are active in the field, the group became involved with an initiative led by French association Réunir. AREVA oversaw the charter of 2 planes, each carrying 18 metric tons of food, as well as the purchase of 6 metric tons of nutritional supplements that did not require either water or cooking. The total contribution amounted to about 120,000 euros.

Distribution of emergency aid

From January to June 2005, the group distributed 130,500 euros in emergency aid to the Food Crisis Cell in Niger.

Furthermore, local staff came together to donate 12,500 euros.

Responsible uranium operations

AREVA has been the principal shareholder and operator of uranium mines in Niger since the end of the 1960s. In carrying out this activity, the group prioritizes local labor, skills transfer and the development of local infrastructure (education, health and transport).

The group's 360 square-kilometer claim in northeast Niger employs nearly 2,500 people. Uranium accounts for two-thirds of Niger's exports and the country is one of the European Union’s largest uranium suppliers.

Corporate responsibility
Environmental monitoring: freshwater sampling. Village near Cominak. Akouta. Niger. Africa

During 40 years of operations in Niger, AREVA has created a sustainable partnership with the country in the areas of industry, environmental protection, health and social welfare.

AREVA contacts in Niger
AREVA group
AREVA's headquarters in Paris, France

By developing the synergies between AREVA’s carbon-free offers, the group’s 44,000 employees help supply as many people as possible with safer, cleaner and more economical energy.