Fight against famine in 2010

Delivering several metric tons of food to fight famine

In March 2010, following reduced harvests due to inadequate rainfall, the Nigerien government called for national and international solidarity in the face of a food crisis threatening almost 8 million Nigeriens. AREVA provided financial and logistical support by delivering several metric tons of food to fight the famine.

A responsible and sustainable partnership

AREVA has been a partner of Niger for over half a century. Having helped fight the country’s 2005 food crisis, AREVA reacted quickly in 2010 to organize an emergency food aid program in partnership with the Nigerien national food crisis unit.

In accordance with its policy of partnering with NGOs that are active on the ground, AREVA also committed to helping the Niger NGO Tanafout organize the operation.

Delivering over 2,000 metric tons of food

AREVA contributed by purchasing and delivering several metric tons of food that was distributed to local populations in the Agadez region to compensate for the lack of agricultural goods. The group furnished 1,100 metric tons of supplies—millet, rice, livestock feed—beginning in May.

In July 2010, AREVA reinforced its actions on the ground with further deliveries, bring the total aid provided to over 1 million euros.

This financial aid provided:

  • food supplements for children in the Agadez and Tahoua regions,
  • 1,000 tons of livestock feed to protect the herds of nomad populations.

The southern Zinder region, which is Niger’s second most populated area, also received 460 metric tons of livestock feed.

AREVA maintains its solidarity with the Nigerien population and continues to monitor the situation.

Corporate responsibility
Environmental monitoring: freshwater sampling. Village near Cominak. Akouta. Niger. Africa

During 40 years of operations in Niger, AREVA has created a sustainable partnership with the country in the areas of industry, environmental protection, health and social welfare.

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