Niger: Akokan secondary school

Renovated classroom at Akokan school

Supporting the education system

Since 2003, educational support has been of the major ways in which AREVA has been involved in Nigerien society. Renovations at the Akokan school in Niger were one demonstration of AREVA’s continued support for the education system. The structure and equipment of 13 classrooms were completely upgraded.

Thirteen classrooms renovated

The secondary school in the mining city of Akokan was renovated thanks to AREVA's support. Before the upgrades:

  • the premises were in an advanced state of disrepair,
  • there weren't enough desks,
  • the buildings were dilapidated,
  • the laboratory lacked suitable equipment and materials,
  • the school failed to meet standards for secondary institutions.

A total of 13 classrooms were renovated. The school officially reopened on January 28, 2009.

Renovation of middle schools in Niger

In the schools of Arlit and Akokan, AREVA has invested in providing the best working conditions for the pupils. The installation of doors, windows, fans, electricity and other improvements will enable studying in all weather. The people involved tell their story.

Corporate responsibility
Environmental monitoring: freshwater sampling. Village near Cominak. Akouta. Niger. Africa

During 40 years of operations in Niger, AREVA has created a sustainable partnership with the country in the areas of industry, environmental protection, health and social welfare.

AREVA contacts in Niger
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AREVA's headquarters in Paris, France

By developing the synergies between AREVA’s carbon-free offers, the group’s 44,000 employees help supply as many people as possible with safer, cleaner and more economical energy.