Salon de l’artisanat pour la femme

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Supporting and guiding artisans in Niger

AREVA supports the Salon international de l’artisanat pour la femme (SAFEM) and its programs. This group supports women in their handicrafts, and helps them develop their business activities and adapt their artisanal expertise for Western markets.

A trade show for woman artisans

The Salon international de l’artisanat pour la femme (SAFEM) is responsible for helping women in Niger improve their socio-economic status, particularly women from rural areas. Led by women artisans, the federation holds a trade show in Niamey every 2 years with 4 objectives:

  • Promote and develop economic activities of women artisans
  • Promote and strengthen the quality of handicrafts and women's creativity
  • Reduce poverty through women’s initiatives
  • Promote cultural and tourist activities in Niger

The sixth edition of the trade show took place in Niamey between October 30 and November 8, 2009.

Adapting to international markets

AREVA’s financial support for SAFEM is based on a 2-year partnership agreement (2009-2010).

This funding provides design training for 30 women artisans and teaches them how to adapt their expertise to the needs of international markets.

Corporate responsibility
Environmental monitoring: freshwater sampling. Village near Cominak. Akouta. Niger. Africa

During 40 years of operations in Niger, AREVA has created a sustainable partnership with the country in the areas of industry, environmental protection, health and social welfare.

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