A soil restoration project is launched to deal with food insecurity in the rural township of Tébaram

News brief

December 12, 2011

On November 15, AREVA took part in the official launch of the first phase of a soil restoration project aimed at relieving food insecurity in the rural township of Tébaram, in the Tahoua district of Niger.

Located in an isolated desert region midway between Niamey and Agadez, Tébaram is made up of 55 villages scattered over an area of 3,258 sq. kilometers. The people living in these villages are suffering from the deterioration of their farmland, chronic grain shortages, food insecurity, illiteracy and poverty.

To help address these problems, AREVA has decided to partner with the NGO DAD GOMNI* to provide financial aid to the villagers to enable them to restore 400 hectares of hillside land. This land, which is exposed to the wind and eroded by run-off water, will be rehabilitated and protected with the construction of agricultural berms (low embankments that prevent erosion). Plants will also be planted to help revive the vegetation there.

In a second phase, 15 functional literacy centers will be created to give the communities a greater capacity to deal with these problems. Learning to read and write will enable the villagers to properly carry out and monitor the activities involved in soil conservation.

A new pump has also been given to the village of Sarayé, which has been without access to drinking water since the old pump there broke down and could not be repaired.

Attending the official ceremony kicking off this project were a delegation from AREVA and DAD GOMNI, the Prefect of Tahoua, regional water and environmental officials, and the heads of neighboring villages. Also present were villagers who will directly benefit from this aid. They expressed their gratitude to AREVA for this investment and spoke of all the hope that it had inspired in their villages.

* DAD GOMNI: a rural development organization created in 1999 by Nigerien volunteers. The aim of this non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization is to improve the living conditions of rural populations in need.