About Maurice Ascani

Born in 1950, Maurice Ascani was hired as an apprentice by a photographer in Nice at the age of thirteen.

He learned dark room and laboratory techniques and how to take photographs early on, enabling him to begin working fairly quickly as a press photographer.

At the age of 18, he crossed the Sahara for the first time and, as fate would have it, made a stop in Niger. Since then, Maurice Ascani has been highlighting the fascinating heritage of Niger through his photographs.

As the years passed, his passion for the wildlife of the Sahara led to stronger engagement, and in 2003 he created an organization for the protection of Niger’s wildlife called SOS Faune du Niger. Since them, he has tried through his artistic and ecological activities to draw the attention of Nigerien authorities and the international community to the importance of safeguarding this unique natural heritage.

For several years, Maurice Ascani had also been hoping to reveal through his camera lens the magnificent human adventure taking place at the uranium mines in Niger. In 2012 and 2013, he traveled several times to mining sites in the north of the country, where he captured the professionalism and pride of the men and women who work in the desert west of the Air Mountains.

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