NIGER: the first commercial flight lands at Imouraren!

January 31, 2014

On January 31, a Beach 1900 carrying about 15 passengers landed at the airport at Imouraren. This first direct commercial flight between Niamey and the mining site in the Agadez region in northern Niger comes at the end of the many months of work needed to construct this facility.

Numerous technical and logistical difficulties were encountered in the project, which began in 2012, but thanks to the professionalism and tenacity of the teams at Imouraren, the two layers of paving on the runway and taxiway connecting the runway to the aircraft parking area were completed on January 3.

The Nigerien civil aviation authority (ANAC-Niger) carried out its inspection in mid-January and approved the airport for daytime commercial air services. It will be few more months before night flights can begin, however, since the airport’s instruments for nighttime navigation must still be tested. 

Guillaume Benard, managing director of IMOURAREN SA, says: “It’s a great satisfaction to see the Imou airport operational at last. This facility will be a real convenience and save people working at the site a lot of time. Thanks to everyone for a job well done.”