A full program for Safety Days

July 16, 2014

In AREVA, the month of June is dedicated to raising the Safety awareness of employees and subcontractors and to safety training. AREVA’s goal is to achieve and maintain a zero-accident rate at all its sites. As they did last year, many employees and suppliers participated in the six Safety Days organized at AREVA’s subsidiaries in Niger.

At the sites, SOMAÏR kicked things off with the first Safety Day on June 19, followed by COMINAK on the 24th, Imouraren on the 26th, and AREVA Mines Niger on the 27th.

During these Safety Days, employees and subcontractors took part in a variety of activities designed to strengthen the safety culture.

Imouraren, for example, organized “anomaly hunts,” while at SOMAÏR, firefighters gave a first-aid demonstration. Also at SOMAÏR, the team of geologists participated in a safety seminar-workshop.

The personnel based at Niamey held their Safety Days on June 27 and 30. The program there included a presentation of the safety results in the mining activities in 2013 along with safety standards and an analysis of accidents.

Serge Martinez, Managing Director of COMINAK and AREVA’s representative in Niger, commented: “These Safety Days, which AREVA has held since 2013, are an opportunity to remind employees and subcontractors of the importance of safety, which remains the number-one priority in achieving a zero-accident rate in the companies. The enthusiasm shown by employees and subcontracts at all the sites is a sign of the interest everyone takes in safety. Congratulations to the organizers and bravo to all the personnel.”