AREVA offers bursaries for nurse and teacher training in the Agadez region

September 11, 2014

Having been present for almost 50 years in the Agadez region, where it operates uranium mines through its two subsidiaries SOMAÏR and COMINAK, the AREVA group continues to assume its full corporate social responsibilities.

 As part of work to develop the local communities in the region, AREVA is providing its support for the training of qualified health and education personnel.

 Under the scheme, 31 health workers (nurses, laboratory technicians, midwives and health-care assistants) and 21 teachers, a total of 52 bursary holders, have benefited from training at the Public Health Center and Teacher Training College in Agadez.

 The young men and women trained come from underprivileged backgrounds in the rural communities of Timia, Iférouane, Gougaram and Dannat. They will boost the capacity of the social services in their respective communities by ensuring that children receive better school-ing and by improving the well-being of local populations.

 The AREVA bursary holders welcomed the group’s initiative for youth in the region.

 According to Dr. Aboubacar Chegou Mahamadou, Regional Health Director for Agadez, “As a managerial structure, we can only welcome AREVA’s contribution, which resolves the lack of personnel in health centers, and praise the partnership between AREVA and the com-munities of Agadez.”

 Mohamed Houma, the Mayor of Iférouane, stated: “This is a beneficial partnership for our community, for our people. We have a specific agree-ment that enables us to place our young people in health training colleges and education. We are very pleased and would like to congratulate AREVA on this partnership that we have established together.”